$50.00 / month



Lydia is a welcoming seventeen year old girl in Senior Two. She lives with her father. She is the fifth in a family of eleven children. At one year,the room she had been laid in to rest while her mother went to fetch water caught fire which costed her one arm and other sever injuries which left scars on her body to date. At one year and eight months, her mother died but all in all, God knew her before she was created in her mother’s womb and that is why she is still alive up to date no matter what had happened to her.Given the large family, the father is challenged with adequately meeting their basic needs like; education, health and feeding.

Lydia likes music and while at home, she helps cook, dig and fetch water because she believes that disability is not inability.

At Berakhah Child Care, her life has totally changed because of the love she has encountered from brothers and sisters met in this new family.She hopes for a better life by looking beyond her past experiences and focusing on her dream of becoming a Nurse which can be made possible through your consideration to sponsor her. God bless you!