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About Us

Vision statement

Berakhah childcare exists to care for orphaned and vulnerable children in Ugandan Rural villages and beyond providing for their physical, emotional, spiritual and educational needs, empowering them to be Uganda’s future leaders.

Our Children

We take in Children that are orphaned regardless of the cause of death of their parents. Those we consider at risk or vulnerable are put in a home where they are cared for and closely watched and these may not necessarily be orphaned. We currently have 320 children registered in our program and we serve them from 6 different locations but only 50 stay at our Berakhah home in Busamaga, Buwalasi sub county in Sironko District just 14km/9 mile north of Mbale town in Eastern Uganda, Some of our children stay with Guardians/parents and community members that work hand in hand because we currently don’t have enough space or facilities as required by the Government of Uganda to house all our children.